Coinwink 🔔 Crypto Alerts via E-mail & SMS 📱

This is an open-source service that allows you to set up to 5 different alarms. Their website is super easy and nice to use. I was searching today for some good app to use while I am on my Mac, and this one was a gr

The New Great Depression

The New Great Depressi

Hive is Going Places

New prices appearing as the pump happens after ETH explosion. We're reaching new areas and $0,19 cents is almost a certain target for the next one. What a moment, reaching $0,1750 was a great indicator we're going to new places.

ETH Hodlers Wish to Decentralize Social Media [ENG/PT]

"What the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end." - Warren Buffet. 📈 While the rest of the world is still shattering

Feeling Proud to be a Collaborator

Today, I had the pleasure to see my name

How to Sell Trust Wallet Tokens (ENG/PT)

After spending a few days trying to figure it out on how to withdraw my newly arrived Trust Wallet Tokens (TWT) airdropped by Binance, I finally managed to do it.

My Actifit Report Card: December 22 2020

LAAAZY DAYS Reaching 5.7k steps in a day I’m feeling lazy is not bad at all! A day wasted is the day I reach 5k and don’t share it on actifit ! By the way, I’ve been checking recently the price of Hive in Binance and com

Can Dogs Smile?

How cute can they be ? This shot was taken and edited by me. My contribution for the

My Actifit Report Card: December 20 2020

Now actifit lets me share my progress on the next day in case I forget to do it. That’s great! Proud for doing 7k 💪 That’s.... almost 50% more than the minimum. I think I’ve been thinking too much on percentages lately 😂

Hive Pumping Right Now

Are whales coming? I think they are! Extra USDT is coming as people start to make money from their BTC and new buyers get into the market. Just look at the printscreens I took minutes ago:

Eyes on Target

My dog completed 12 years old, last November 30th. I believe he was deserving more than just some special food, so I took some great shots of him for posterity. Atila, The Hun Weather was 102° Fahrenheit (39° Celsius) and I

The War on DeFi

There has been a lot of pressure coming from big companies trying to ban the usage of decentralized applications.