Enjoy Life.

Watch & Chill 📺 xMN - Hive On 🎵

Enjoy, wear your seatbelts and night sunglasses 😎 🌞 ⚡️ I watched once on television about a cd made by one of the Beatles, Paul McCartney. He played all instruments. Did everything. I liked that. In th

Good old Winamp on a Mac

Bye bye Apple music! I have finally finished setting Wind

My Actifit Report Card: August 27 2020

Despite looking lazy, he’s brave. Always with me wherever I go to. This year he’ll be 12 years old. My good old friend, Atila, the hun.

Drop OUT - ASTO ZEN Music Video

Unlisted on Youtube, this Music Video is permanently going to be available only through decentralized portals. Like this one, right here. __ ♣️ An Original Production

We ARE Writing History 📹

Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to invite you to check my latest decentralized video production 🎥 Right here:

A Joyful Productive Person

🌍 “Our planet is constantly seeking for morphogenetic transformations, and our expression of intelligence is the key to accelerate this process.” - Teren

My Actifit Report Card: July 19 2020

My actifit achievements are part of my dog’s health accomplishments as well! 🦴 Sunny day and good weather today. ☀️ Failure

Run, Bears! 🐻

Keep an eye 👁 on Games compatible with blockchain technology Interesting day if you’re considering to purchase some crypto. Although most of YouTube channels were pointing to an extremely bullish scenario, all I can see now is fear

App Bug Review

Actifit app is buggy. It says there was a problem posting on steem blockchain. When I try to login using steem account, it says there’s a problem with the hive account 😂 @actifit I love your A

My Actifit Report Card: July 14 2020

One actifit a day keeps bad health habits away! Never forget this deep powerful knowledge, pathfinder.

MonoCity Dreams

Picture taken with iPhone 6. Porto Alegre - 🇧🇷 This was my entry for the #monomad competition of today.

Minitube: There's LIFE Outside the Browser!

Tired of the Lack of Privacy on Youtube? Try