Eyes on Target

My dog completed 12 years old, last November 30th. I believe he was deserving more than just some special food, so I took some great shots of him for posterity.

Atila, The Hun

Weather was 102° Fahrenheit (39° Celsius) and I thought I would melt today.

But my dog was chilling as if it was nothing. 🐕


This is my photo for the monomad competition of today!

A challenge by @monochromes!


I loved it.
Modesty apart, my dog is a great model. 👌

And remember to buy the dip, my brothers and sisters 🎯 Market is on fire today.


Practically all cryptos are bleeding, apart of Monero, with serves like a portal to another dimension trough xmr.to.

XMR.TO charges no commission for exchanging up to $10.

By the way, I like to use their built in exchange on Cake Wallet.
It’s the best for Monero in mobiles. That’s of course my humble opinion.


  • By the way, this Crypto Pro App is very good. I also use it on Mac.

Chart patterns, like art Art, lies on the details, so keep those medium averages on sight.

Have a great one, pathfinder.
May the force, be with you.
And see you,
In the Future ~.