The War on DeFi

There has been a lot of pressure coming from big companies trying to ban the usage of decentralized applications.


Apple has recently banned dApps from working inside crypto wallets.


Strangely enough, I still have my original wallet created with Trust Wallet from the time it was allowed by Apple, so I can deposit using the BEP2 network. It was saved on iCloud.


But don’t worry.

Despite the ban, which I believe won’t last (see Wikipedia ban on Bitcoin, for example), you can still create a Binance Bep2 wallet, choosing the specific chain when you request to create a new wallet.


See the picture below:


  • Above, Binance Chain was added as the main wallet. Just like you’d do with an ETH wallet for using erc20.

In case you don’t do it, your “Multi-Coin” Wallet won’t be that diverse as you’d expect and DeFi Wallets won’t be available at all.


I hope this will clarify things for you, as it took a while for me to understand how it is working nowadays.

Binance DeFi is up and running, but US users must be aware of the following:

To finish:

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See you in the future my fellas, when prices pump again, I mean, tomorrow 🤠.