Hive Pumping Right Now

Are whales coming? I think they are! Extra USDT is coming as people start to make money from their BTC and new buyers get into the market.

Just look at the printscreens I took minutes ago:
Volume recently incresed, with big buyers appering at Binance.
It seems someone has extra money to spend right now. Was it because people sold BTC and now have extra USDT?
Lets see. I believe HIVE have a few more days below $0,14.

Right now we should stack HIVE while we can!

My hive power is +16k HP at the moment.

Hive Sentiment is great, accoding to CoinGecko.
This price is from 18th December 2020. Time is below:

I am not expecting to see HIVE below $0,12, but of course that's just my humble opinion.

Performance is very good, compared to my other favorite cryptos at Binance

All right, just when I was checking my phone. Nothing better than seeing HIVE doing great.

Don't wait for the whales to buy HIVE below $0.15 to feel positive about it.

Future is awesome.