Minitube: There's LIFE Outside the Browser!

Tired of the Lack of Privacy on Youtube? Try ...

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Tired of the Lack of Privacy on Youtube? Try Minitube.

I still have to remeber not to use the browser, but that's the only thing I'm struggling with.

As you can see in the picture below, I can save my favorite channels right on the application. Absolutely no login ou registration is required, so it's very convenient.

Keep your subscribed channels

Stop using the browser to watch youtube. Leave our google account alone. Now you can keep subscribing to Youtube channels, without the burden of ads and data tracking.

I took some screenshots so you can have an idea:
Freedom is here my friends! =)

😉 👨‍🚀

Save RAM and Battery

It's incredible the amount of RAM my small macbook air had to deal with. There's a considerable percentage of CPU power I am saving now.
ADS can be demanding for computers.... specially if you just want to listen to music or watch your favorite videos.

It's possible to download for free. For Mac it works pretty fine. Windows it's a little bit more restricted I believe. My experience was regular over there, but Mac is 10/10 for me.

See you in the future fellow Hive partners, may the force be with you.


Long life to Minitube!

Nothing can be perfect, but everyone can try to. And Minitube definitely is on it's way to the top on the list of my favorite apps.

"A small app for your computer, but big one to your life.
Minitube will allow you to subscribe to your favourite channels,


🧠 😎

I am very happy. The creator deserves his website to be known.

Have a nice one my fellas.
And see you, in the future.