Good old Winamp on a Mac

Bye bye Apple music! I have finally finished setting Wind...

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Bye bye Apple music!
I have finally finished setting Windows XP.

Now congratulations and pop champaign. 🍾

Windows XP never felt so FRESH.

Super fast. I have disabled internet connection, so it's super safe to use it.

This Parallels Stuff is Awesome. HIGHLY recommend it, specially if you miss playing oldschool games like Roller Coaster or The Sims.
And of course, wanna go back to good old Winamp times.

My Mac is an Early 2014 model with just 4gb of RAM, and it still rocks.

That's what I call style:

  • Listening some Desiigner, while I write this post with Winamp, instead of Apple Music, on the side.

I gotta go now... GTA VICE CITY is waiting to be installed.


See you,
in the future. ⚡ 👉 💾